To give you, as our website visitor, the best possible experience of our web-sites,,  and for our subdomains such as we use cookies. Cookies are used so that we can see the choices you have made on the website in the past and in order for us to improve the website for you, our visitor. Here, you can learn more about how Worktube uses cookies and how you can reject them.

If you choose not to turn off cookies in your browser and continue to use Worktube's website, you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy, as well as to how we process your personal data. You can, at any time, refuse to allow cookies by changing your choice and adjusting your browser settings. If you choose to inactivate cookies, this can cause certain functions on the website to stop working. Worktube uses as few cookies as possible on the website.

A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting stores on your mobile device or computer. All websites can send cookies to your browser if your browser settings allow this. Cookies are very common on the internet.

You can consent to usage of cookies, for example through your browser settings, but you can also refuse to allow cookies in your browser settings.

Two types of cookies – persistent and temporary/session cookies

There are two types of cookies: persistent and temporary/session cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored in a file for a longer time period, to enable tailoring of the website based on your wishes, choices and interests. They stay on your mobile device or computer until you choose to delete them manually. They are used for instance when something has been updated since your last visit to the website.

Session cookies are stored temporarily on your mobile device or computer, while you are visiting the website. They are erased when you close the page and are thus not stored permanently.

Most websites use cookies to improve the usability and experience for you as a visitor.

A cookie file is a so-called passive file and cannot spread malicious programs or computer viruses to your mobile device or computer.

How to delete cookies

You can refuse to allow cookies by accessing your browser settings and deleting cookies from your hard drive. You can also make settings in the browser so that it notifies you when it receives a cookie. You then have the option to accept or reject the cookie. More information on this can be found on the About Cookies website.

If you choose not to allow cookies, this can mean that certain functions on Worktube’s website will not work in the same way as they would if you had accepted them.

How Worktube uses cookies

Workeube uses cookies only when necessary. We use cookies for instance if you register for one of our events, if you register for our newsletter, if you apply for a job, and to maintain statistics regarding our website.

Worktube uses third party cookies, such as Google Analytics, which is a statistics tool for evaluating user behavior. We do this to optimize the user experience and maintain statistics regarding our website.

If you consent to our cookie policy, we will also start registering information about you. However, no cookie will be set until you have activated one of a number of functions, for instance if you register for one of our events.

When does Worktube process personal data?

Worktube processes personal data provided to us through our website when/if you, for instance:

  • Register for our newsletter.

  • Contact us by e-mail.

Worktube’s Privacy policy

In our privacy policy, we describe the processing of personal data that occurs within the framework of our operations, the purpose of this processing, the legal bases we have for the processing, whom we may come to share your personal data with, and your rights in relation to your personal data.

You can read our Privacy policy here

Examples of cookies that Worktube uses


Is used to keep track of information a visitor has entered into a form or forms. This is done so that we have the chance to present more relevant information to the visitor.

Google Analytics

Is used as a tool for web statistics, to gather information about how visitors use our website. Data gathered through Google Analytics are used to gain a better understanding of our visitors and how they use the website. What is stored is information about the number of visitors on the website, where the visitor is from, and which pages have been visited.


Is used for analysis of visitor streams and forms used for user feedback. The information helps us see what content is interesting to visitors.

Google doubleclick

Is used to make advertising more relevant for the visitor and more valuable to advertisers. These cookies are used to make it possible to choose ads based on what is relevant for the visitor, to improve reporting about various campaigns, and to prevent ads that have already been shown to a visitor from being showed again.

Google Tag manager

Is used as a web statistics tool with the purpose of storing the number of visitors to the website, where the visitors are from, and which pages have been visited. The information collected is anonymous.

Links from Worktuybe to websites outside our web domains are beyond our control and therefore we cannot, in any way, be held liable for the information on these websites.

If you accept our cookies, you also consent, pursuant to this cookie policy, to Worktube's usage of cookies.

If you have any questions about our cookie policy, you are welcome to contact us.

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